Sweet Orange Tamales Recipe

While Mexican  In Mexico, people eat these sweet tamales with raisins, almonds, and oranges for dessert. To get the finest flavor, look for particularly sweet, ripe oranges. [Original recipe posted on Allrecipes.com.mx]  


– corn husk – 5 large oranges, peeled and segmented – 2 ½ cups white sugar, divided – 2 cups lard – 2 ice cubes, or as needed – 3 ¼ pounds fresh corn masa dough – 2 tablespoons baking powder – 1 cup milk – 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice – ⅔ cup raisin – ⅓ cup chopped blanched almond


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Corn husks should be soaked for 30 to 60 minutes after placing them in a dish of boiling water. Empty, transfer to a work area, and then cover with a fresh, moist towel.  

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Put oranges in a skillet over low heat with 1 1/4 cups sugar. Simmer the mixture for around 30 minutes, stirring from time to time, or until it begins to jam. Take off from the heat and allow to cool fully.  

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As the jam cools, put the fat in a big bowl, add a couple of ice cubes, and use an electric mixer to whip it until it becomes creamy and soft. Incorporate 1 1/4 cups of sugar thoroughly by beating it in.  

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In another bowl, mix together masa dough and baking powder. Spend a couple minutes kneading together. Stir masa into mixture of lard. Orange juice and milk should be combined alternately while being continually beat with an electric mixer. Add almonds, raisins, and jam that has cooled.  

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Choose from two little or one wide corn husk. Using roughly 2 tablespoons, fill the corn husk to a depth of 2 inches from the bottom and 1/4 inch from the top with the masa mixture. Husky folds its sides together, one on top of the other. Over the seam of the two folded sides, fold the bottom of the husk. Continue with the remaining husks.  

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Put a steamer insert in a saucepan and add enough water to cover the steamer's bottom. Heat up some water to a boil. Add the tamales, open side up, and cook for approximately an hour, or until the filling is heated through and separates from the husk. Before serving, let the tamales stand for fifteen minutes.  


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