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About Us

Jim P. Willis established JW Woodworks in 1986. The firm began as a 10′ by 14′ backyard venture, complete with a tarp-covered table saw outside. James E. Willis and his son Jim started their firm in April of that year, and they soon expanded with a new, thirty-by-fifty-foot facility.

​His mother Marlene, wife Debbie, and their three kids, April, Jesscia, and Lindsey, joined the family company shortly after. As soul owners by 1992, Jim and Debbie bought five acres of land on Hwy. 160 to move the company. With the addition of two full-time workers and dealers located in Herrin, IL, and St. Louis, MO, the firm experienced further growth.We were manufacturing about 125 kitchens annually by 1993.

December 1994 was a tragic month. In the finishing section, three 55-gallon barrels of thinner caught fire due to static electricity. Jim was inside the building when he sustained burns to two and three degrees across three-quarters of his body. The company suffered a complete loss, but by July, cabinets were being constructed once more with the help of family and divine favor.

In 1996, eight full-time workers were producing about 200 kitchens. When lightning struck the main structure in September of 1996, more than 90% of it was set on fire. It was merely a memory by February, and God had given us more work than we knew how to handle. In 1997, we constructed an additional building, and more than 75% of our jobs were being outsourced from Missouri. We constructed a second, larger structure in 2005 that included a huge showroom and an adjacent finishing space. We currently have 14 dealers in and out of state, and we employ about 25 people full-time. About 75% of the 600 kitchens we created in 2016 were shipped outside of our county. Our family has been tremendously blessed by God.